Some people hail the wisdom of the crowd.
We’ve spent 18 years doing exactly the opposite by focusing purely on the numbers, not the noise.


live IFA


individual portfolios


years proven

The Clever team is led by Colum Wilde, a practising financial planner with over 25 year’s experience specialising in advice to high net worth private clients. Colum’s hands-on experience of running an advisory practice helps ensure that the perspective of both the financial planner and their clients are taken into account when developing our investment solutions.

Originally designed to protect against client losses, Clever was developed to switch out of poorly performing funds at the earliest opportunity. Continued development of such a robust and repeatable process has meant that in less than a decade, Clever has evolved from an idea to an industry leader, offering multiple investment solutions, with more than £1.1 billion of assets being monitored by the CleverEngine.

The Clever journey

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